Jenée Johnson

Program Innovation Leader: Mindfulness, Trauma, and Racial Equity at the San Francisco Department of Public Health

Jenée leads the unique effort to bring mindfulness into public health practices and programs through the Trauma Informed Systems of Care Initiative. SFDPH is striving to understand the impact of trauma and stress on its workforce and communities and take well informed steps to become a healing organization. Jenée initiated a partnership with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute to improve the organization’s ability to manage change, stay resilient, inspire growth and become a mindful culture in this important process.
For the past 15 years Jenée served as the director of the Black Infant Health Program, a prenatal intervention addressing infant and maternal mortality. While there she introduced the mindful practice of “Quiet Sitting” at the beginning of all group sessions. The practice is now standardized statewide in the Black Infant Health curriculum.
Jenée is a certified Professional Co-active Coach and certified to teach the Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness/Emotional Intelligence program and Femme!, a meditative movement and wellness modality.
Jenée is a native New Yorker and graduate of Mount Holyoke College. She is passionate about forwarding mindful practices to help people cultivate inner strength, enjoy life and heal from trauma.

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