Lori Schwanbeck

Co-founder, Mindfulness Therapy Associates & Senior Teacher, SIYL

Lori Schwanbeck is an internationally recognized emotional intelligence and mindfulness teacher known for her compassion and enthusiasm in supporting people to thrive. Her unique blend of qualifications as a marketing professional, psychotherapist, and mindfulness teacher, enable her to deliver a depth of knowledge along with practical skills that support change.

As a senior teacher at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), Lori has taught leadership and mindfulness-based emotional intelligence worldwide. She has facilitated trainings in diverse organizations including: The Kingdom of Bhutan, United Nations, LinkedIn, Sonoma County first responders, Rotman School of Business, and Google. Lori also has a lead role in program development and teacher training and mentoring at SIYLI.

In addition to international corporate training, Lori co-founded Mindfulness Therapy Associates, a psychotherapy and coaching practice in San Francisco. She specializes in working with individual executives and business partners in skillfully managing difficult relationships and navigating change. In both her consulting and coaching practice, Lori believes that people flourish in environments where they feel connected with, cared for, and committed to.

Lori began her journey in Canada where she earned a degree in Commerce and worked in marketing. This led her to explore human motivation and flourishing through the study of positive psychology and contemplative practices in her Master’s degree. Her teaching utilizes mindfulness to cultivate self-awareness and increase emotional intelligence in creating an engaged and inspired life.

Lori is a student of beauty and awe and her personal vitality is enhanced through contemplative time in nature as well as creative collaboration with friends.

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