Anne K. Scott

Imagination Technologist, Crossing Frontiers

Anne has 25+ years experience in the development and delivery of IT systems. She has led multi-million $ global implementations and has worked from the ground up in a number of startups. A hallmark of Anne’s experience is the practical adoption of new technologies such as hand-held computers for revenue collection, the first paperless office in the UK and workflow systems for offshore business process outsourcing. Involved in global projects leading virtual multi-vendor teams Anne was compelled to find tools to bring the best of diverse contributions and talents to together to deliver end results. Anne’s career has unfolded from coding, design and systems delivery to mentoring and coaching to foster a culture of innovation in the midst of a fast moving reality of uncertainty, chaos and challenge.

Bringing all of her experience together Anne has evolved a ‘Technology of Imagination’ that can be applied to bring things into being, transcend challenges, transform personal and team dynamics, nurture synergy and deliver the improbable. Anne and her associates at Crossing Frontiers work globally with individuals and companies who are committed to the work of innovation, transformation and growth.

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