Christina Spragg

Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Director, Inner Wisdom Psychological Services

Dr. Christina Spragg is a California licensed psychologist providing holistic therapy as well as corporate mindfulness consultation/training. Dr. Spragg utilizes mindfulness-based treatments and self-directed neuroplasticity (using the power of the mind to produce changes in brain functioning) to empower clients to take ownership of their lives. An Existentialist at heart, she supports creating more meaning in every facet of life.

Dr. Spragg is fascinated with the resilience of the human spirit and believes that a being’s inclination is to move towards wholeness. At present, she is on a mission to support the journey to wholeness by equipping individuals with tools to not only increase self-awareness, but also learn to accurately attune with others so that relationships are more fulfilling. Dr. Spragg believes this mission could be greatly supported by a wearable device, so if this is your expertise, she'd love to chat with you!  

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