Uvinie Lubecki

Founder & CEO, Leading Through Connection

Uvinie is the Founder & CEO of Leading Through Connection (LTC), an organization that studies and provides methods to instill a Connective Mindset™ and habits for connection. Most learning opportunities that exist for leaders today are focused on tools and frameworks without doing crucial inner work. LTC, however, is based on the premise that connection to self and others is fundamental to effective leadership.

Uvinie learned this lesson herself after rising to an executive position at a large healthcare technology company and still feeling that something was missing despite her success. After a decade in the corporate sector, she left to serve as Managing Director at Dalai Lama Fellows, an organization that draws from the universal values championed by the Dalai Lama to create secular, practical programs, tools, and frameworks for new ways of leading. It was here that Uvinie solidified her expertise in contemplative practices and their translation to the busy, stressful lives of business leaders.

Uvinie holds a BA in neuroscience from Cornell University and an MPH from Harvard University. When she’s not working with leaders, she researches and tests ancient mind training practices, writes science fiction and fantasy stories, cooks four-course meals with her husband, and travels the world. 

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