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Wisdom 2.0 2014: The World We Are Creating

"We are at a time in humanity when we have incredible tools - and we are being asked to marry these tools with an equivalent transformation of heart."
- Jack Kornfield at Wisdom 2.0

Join us February 14th - 17th, 2014 for the premier gathering exploring the integration of wisdom in modern life.

An expected 2,000+ people, from coaches to venture capitalists to entrepreneurs, will come together in San Francisco to explore living with greater purpose, presence, and wisdom in the digital age. In a world more digitally connected and moving faster than ever, we explore how to engage in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, effective in our work, and useful to the world.

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A Unique Gathering

  • Hosted Community-Led Conversations
    engage directly with other participants on topics that matter to you!
  • Yoga and Meditation Rooms
    stretch, move, and refresh yourself; or take an opportunity for quiet contemplation.
  • Participant-Led Break Outs
    stay tuned for ways to submit your talk or program to be presented on our People’s Stage!
  • Interactive Parties
    dance, consciously connect, and have fun together!
  • Optional Monday Intensives
    spend all day Monday after the conference diving even more deeply into one important topic.
  • And many more ways to Connect with other Participants...
Wisdom 2.0 -- not your usual sit-and-listen conference!

The Community

Wisdom 2.0 attendees come from all over the world, and include coaches, entrepreneurs, academics, venture capitalists, and wellness professionals.

Many participants also come from the business and tech worlds. In previous years, tech companies including Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more have all been well-represented.

Register Early

"I think this conference -- and the idea behind it -- is brilliant!"
- Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

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