The Shift:

The Shift Course
Launching From the Inside Out

“How will you serve the world? What do they need that your talents can provide? That’s all you have to figure out. I can tell you from experience that the effect on others is the most valuable currency there is.” - Jim Carrey

The Course

The Shift is a 9-month course, limited to 30 people, that will learn online and meet for 3 in-person intensives in Santa Cruz, CA. It is for people who feel something is trying to come forth in their lives and want to more fully tend to it.

This shift can take many forms. It feels like one world is passing and another is in the process of taking form. This shift generally has both an internal and external dimension: we are changing inwardly and that is taking expression in the external world. What “felt right” for years may no longer be so ... a shift is at play.

Whether the shift is primarily occurring to you through external circumstances, such as losing a job; or internally, such as a strong pull toward a new direction in your life, the choice is really the same: to resist or flow, to fight or befriend. Like a river that has been dammed but is now breaking, the water can bring devastation or opportunity. But the water and the energy from the release are pure. To the degree we resist or make friends with it is up to us.

The Pull

This pull we feel can take many forms, but it generally asks us to expand our ideas of who we are and what we think is possible. It is an external expression of the internal shift we are going through. It is here primarily for our own transformation.

Following this is less about trying to create some future desired state of happiness (if only I become a ___ then I will be happy) but instead involves tending more deeply to the present moment. As we do this, we “listen” to what wants to come through us into the world. We befriend life as if it seeks to teach us.

Through this listening and “following energy” an alignment can occur, which allows us to take action powered by a greater force. People are then drawn to us not because of the specifics of our endeavor, but “the field” they feel around us, the energy that is moving through us. We have all likely met people in this state. An effort is “supercharged” by our presence and alignment.

The Specifics

For the last 9 years, I have had the great fortune of engaging with and interviewing some of the top business and technology leaders in our world, along with some of the greatest wisdom teachers of our age. Whether hearing about Eckhart Tolle’s awakening or the process of starting Twitter from one of its founders, there is a similar theme of following energy and trusting what is emerging. I have been learning from others and practicing this in my own life. I am now called to now support others in this process.

In this course, we will honor the practical aspects (How do I get support for this? How can it generate income or meet other needs?) along with the deeper life lessons, knowing it is the state of our consciousness that matters most. We will tend to the inner domain, knowing the less our identity needs something to succeed, the more likely its chances of success. In this way, we are not so much “trying to create something” but are exploring our resistance to what is emerging, so we can more fully tend to and nurture it.

As such, we are not trying to “get something done” but instead focus on accessing a deeper level of intelligence, the source of creativity, where all truly inspired actions originate.

How to Apply

If this makes no sense to you, this course is likely not right for you at this time. If, however, there is resonance with these words, you are welcome to apply. The 9-month course will include 3 in-person weekend intensives in Santa Cruz with me, regular phone calls, monthly guest calls with people who have followed this path, small group circles, and group meditations. While eventually we would like to offer this course online, initially it is only offered via these in person retreats.

If interested, Please Apply Here >>>. The cost of the 9-month course has a sliding scale of $3,000 - $6,000 and space is limited to 30 people. The dates are … A Q & A with more details are below.